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A friend and I walked outside the house we were at to smoke a cigarette.It first appeared to be an airplane without any discernable features or a shiny balloon.Riverside, is one of the many well-known neighborhoods in South Memphis. The neighborhood includes the famous Kansas Street, Carver High (which is on Pennsylvania.Bright purple objects were seen falling from the sky before a large white sphere moved across the sky towards Mountainburg.http://www.loc.gov/rr/program. - National Ornamental Metal Museum - Oaklawn Garden - Orpheum Theatre - Overton Park - Peabody. Bally's Casino - Gold Strike.Benton, AR Poker Dealer Jobs. Oct 28. Poker List Attendant. Parx Casino. Nov 10.

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This sighting was probably not worth reporting except for the Shuttle disaster happening so soon after.I small star like object moved and changed directions several time for a total of two hours.I was driving down the highway taking a friend home when out of the corner of my eye looking through the windshield I saw a large white.

Fairway foursome golf dec casino. not herself there must take its oaklawn jockey club intended as. Noi trageri loto au avut loc duminica...Two of us observed a shiny, silent, cylindrical craft at 5000 feet or less on October 26.Dull, metallic, cigar shaped object traveled from one cloud formation to another, then back to the other formation on the exact path.Triangle craft stops over the top of us and beams a blue light down, for 5 sec or so, and then shoots away.I was looking in the sky at the beams.right at sundown.as this was a newer mac.Bright white light moved from SE horizon to WNW horizon in roughly 2-3 seconds.When the object noticed that we where outside watching it moved closer up till we went in and watched from there.

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I also saw a fireball the night all the unusual activity was reported in AR.Three moon sized objects appeared in the form of lights and lite the intire lake up and I could see a mountain about 10 miles from me,j.Welcome to Equibase.com, your official source for horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics as well as all other horse racing and thoroughbred racing.

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I was amazed that these objects did not move and it was too high, and silent, to be helicopters.I saw a red dot dancing radically in the night sky.It was to the north of me and I watched it untill it shot,like a red streak of light.We saw a bright lght that made no sound when it flew off quckly.

The moon was covered by a very strange shaped shadow, eclipsing the moon for at least 40 minutes.Three blinking lights, two red, one yellow, attached to a fast, silent, invisible craft flying very low and steady, headed Southwest.

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Open 10 AM Every Day Until 3 AM Sunday through Thursday Until 6 AM Friday & Saturday.One large orange-pink light,like meteor,then three rows of white light came on.Six orange colered moving lights above Bryant, Arkansas on 5 July 2013 at approximently 21:00.Search our Bryant, AR poker dealer job listings to find great local jobs. Apply online for poker dealer jobs today. Go Jobing!.

At time stated above I was out looking almost strate up in the aera of Jupter when I saw this very bright light moveing north to south.As an 9 year old child I saw a dumbbell shaped object hovering in daytime at approx. 5000 feet.A dark gray giant boomerang shaped UFO with 8 dim lights spotted at Berryville pond.

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I had to go outside, saw it when I went out with my little boy.Red, blue and white flashing light hovering hundreds of feet in the air.A hovering triangular craft, 2 red lights (one blinking) and 1 white light.Some friends and myself were at a small little country church wh.This object has been hovering for the past 14 mins and still is.It came out of the east traveling north the object was bright orange but had some white light and the craft seemed to pulsate.Need a product installed, protected or repaired? Geek Squad offers unmatched support for products from appliances to TVs.


My husband and I were driving and we seen lights coming from something in sky by skips auto but it was down low.((anonymous report)).

Cintas offers careers and programs to college graduates and undergrads designed to prepare you for your professional life. read more. Human Resource Jobs.Three brilliant bright lights in a spaced line formation attached to an incredibly large aircraft in a diagonal position.I saw lights and looked out my window looked out and saw two teardrop shaped aircrafts.

No Noise, No nothing except blurry lights,an extremly large object with such speed andmanuvirabilty,stopping and starting, hooveringfor.Orange lights moving slow.start out in straight vertical line.they scatter then disappear in the clouds.Several flashing strobes moving in formation, from west to east. ((anonymous report)).Find deep dish pizza near you from Lou Malnati's for dine-in, delivery, carryout, & catering of Chicago's best pizza.